Stock markets: Bulls and Bears 


I’ve never been close to the stock market although I have benefited as a shareholder through managed funds.

Some people become very very intricately involved in the stock market; I am glad I’m not one of those people. In the overall context of life I have been happy to leave the stock market to its own devices into my funds managers. Maybe that’s being a little naive on my part but however that’s the way it is. I don’t claim any special understanding of something I see as a kin to a major worldwide gambling house.

From an outside view point, it seems the chair market rises and falls are based on the whims. There is a certain artificiality or “fiction“ about stock market ups and downs.

To me, stock markets are a bit like a Gogo with rises and falls impacted by a thin string.

I’m never ever surprised when stock markets fall nor am I surprised when they rise. It seems that they’re based on emotion rather than on anything that’s rational or logical.

Their prices are based on prediction and are generally short term. Also based on the anticipation of bad things to come in a worldwide context. So they are forever up and down, up-and-down.

Without doubt, greed plays a big part in the way stock markets work.

In the overall context of life what will be will be as far as stock markets are concerned. And good luck to people who play the games for that is what the stock market is – a game!

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