I hope the visit enables the Prime Minister to see, feel and appreciate the real Tennant Creek. That includes the good and positive elements and aspects of the town and community because nowhere is everything all about negatives. However, I also hope he gets a picture of the town as it is, in terms of the challenges that confront the community.

One understands that the community will in all likelihood be on its ‘best behaviour’ during the Prime Minister’s visit, but hopefully this will not result in the facts and the issues of the community being hidden from his gaze and perception. While being ‘told’ about issues by community representatives and fellow politicians is one thing, the ‘seeing and witnessing’ of these things puts an altogether different perspective on issues.

I also hope that the visit results in a fulsome appreciation of responsibility for Tennant Creek issues. That responsibility cannot be totally vested in government and family support organisations. The fixing issue is also down to families and this is a prime responsibility that cannot be abrogated and passed to others. And the issues of the town and community are far bigger than can be fixed by the throwing of money into the mix. CHANGE HAS TO COME FROM WITHIN FAMILIES.

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