Alcohol is the bane of life in the NT. It is the ruination of many families and the ‘spirit’ undoing many traditionally oriented communities. I would think that for every dollar of revenue generated from alcohol sales, at least three would be spent in the NT trying to undo it’s deleterious impacts.

Alcohol impacts may families of all backgrounds around the NT. There is no money for food, clothing and for the basic necessities of life, but there is always plenty for alcohol. Charities assist those who are burdened by self imposed destitution. They provide food, clothing, some accomodation, succour and comfort. Which leaves more money to be spent on alcohol.

For some, the basics card works, but there are ways around its limitations.

There are severe restrictions on alcohol sales times in many places. Quantities per purchase are limited and in some cases, strength of alcohol content dictated.

All this makes little difference. The Northern Territory is drowning in an alcoholic sea.

The issue could be fixed. But our Government and local authorities are too powerless (and too frightened) to manage the matter. They are content to pedal around the edges of the issue but not game to do more than dabble.

That alcoholic sea has a base of quicksand. And it is sucking us and our reputation into its depths.

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