So was the advice in the movie ‘Fortress’.

Seems that in the NT, that particular precaution for potential sinners does not apply. In fact, quite the opposite.

Crime against people and property in the NT is rampant. The punishment, especially for young offenders, is minimal, extremely minimal!

Unfortunately the deterrence consequences have been so watered down by recent Royal Commission and inquiry outcomes that vandals and others who wreak damage and havoc are basically home free. This has a deleterious, morale sapping impact on business and homeowners.

It is hard to talk ‘respect’ to those for whom respect is foreign. ‘Talk to and with them and change their attitudes’ is the advice of the theory specialists. That does not work.

Night after night after night, the nocturnal raiders are out and about wreaking damage and creating mayhem. Next day after next day, business owners and premises occupiers are left to try and patch the damage.

We can all look forward to more of the same level and degree of nefarious conduct. This group sets the night time agenda around the Territory. It’s the next day the rest of us wake up and start addressing these issues. And all the while, those responsible sleep, and get ready for the next sortie tonight.


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