In political terms, the past fortnight has left me bemused and in some sort of limbo state. The federal happenings conjure up a mind picture of political quicksand into which the government is sinking. Sinking with our political leaders, must be the perceptions held of this country by overseas observers. “Which prime minister today” is a legitimate question. So too, is asking which minister is responsible for what! In the back of everyone’s mind is the question of when the next election (general, not by-election) will be called.

It often seems that the only thing on the minds of politicans, is when the next election will take place. The country is in constant, everlasting, electoral mode.

Here in the NT, we are wrestling with the notion of being part of the ‘Boundless Possible’ equation – a catch-cry that has many Territorians in a lampooning mode. There may be lip service paid to this anomalous pair of words, but the thoughts in the heads of people would be interesting to read.

The apparent aspiration built into these words reflects on Dubai, where those words or desperately similar, were adapted before falling off the back of a truck into the NT. Mind you, the truck ride provided by consultants, cost our government 1.5 million dollars

I AM bemused.

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