One has to be very circumspect when discussing this subject in the NT because without intention conversation can be interpreted as racist.

In all states, the minimum selling price of alcohol is not mandated by government. In the NT from October 1, it will be mandated.

In the NT, bottle shops are monitored by police auxiliaries, who are trained to disallow entry for people on the banned drinkers register. This policing happens in Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine. Training for these auxiliaries is being staged, to reach a final specialist group of 92 people.

In all states people over the age of 18 do not have to identify themselves other than being required to confirm they are of age to drink alcohol. In the NT, all residents and visitors have to produce a drivers licence or identifying document that is scanned before they can purchase alcohol. If they are confirmed as not being banned drinkers, they can go ahead and purchase alcohol.

These regulations and limitations are in place for everyone. The injudicious behaviour of a minority, impacts on everyone.

This is at a significant cost to the NT, both monetarily and for the perceptions created for visitors.

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