One of the things are negatively impacting upon the Northern Territory is our declining population and and its impact on both revenue raising and GST contributions from the Commonwealth.

For every departing Northern Territorian to Southern Climes or overseas there is a loss of several thousand dollars in GST revenue.

To this end the Northern Territory recently commissioned a firm to create a logo and accompanying materials aiming to sell the Northern Territory through public relations outreach.

“Boundless Possible” came into vogue along with a lot of hyperbole and hype. Monetary inducements have been dangled in order to try and attract people who meet particular classifications or who have particular characteristics, to the NT.

A romantic, ‘utopiancentric’ picture of the NT is being painted. This vision does not include many of the drawbacks and challenges to Territory life. These drawbacks are realities and people contemplating moving to the Territory deserve a full picture of awareness.

The ‘Boundless Possible’ advertisement promoting the NT during the AFL Grand Final on September 29 2018 showed the positives of the NT. That is great, but representative balance is important. Showing the Territory not in part but as a whole is overlooked. Promotions tell only part of the story.

The realities need to be told, rather than discovered. Their ‘discovery’ will only lead to disappointment and a belief they have been sold a pup.

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