Tossing Chief Minister Terry Mills aside was a blight on the NT Country Liberal Party.

Water going under the party bridge still remains muddled. Now it emerges that Terry Mills and others who were (or may have been) CLP stalwarts, want to establish a conservatively based Northern Alliance party – or similar.

If this manoeuvre is destined to work, it will work. If predestination determines otherwise, this initiative will not gain traction and will fade into oblivion. No one can tell the end from the beginning.

To this day I regret that Terry Mills was undone by the ambitions of others. The personal ambitions of others,  destroyed the synergy that might have grown from a Mills Government allowed time to mature and develop.

To this day, I cannot understand why members of the CLP political wing allowed the situation that followed Mills dumping to unfold. Seems to me that they had some sort of collective political death wish.

No worries! All the failed ministers then came away with the title of ‘Honourable’ forever pinned to their names.

This era was one of sadness for the NT.

And we have not as yet recovered. Elements of political wilderness continue to manifest themselves in the NT.

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