It is now north of six years since I retired from full time contribution to education in the NT.

In retirement I have found time to learn about and be a contributor to ‘Linked In’, unknown to me during my years at work. I have discovered ‘The Conversation’ and enjoy reading papers and contributing comments.

I discovered ‘WordPress’ and set up a blog.

I write a weekly column on educational matters for the NT Sun, a free paper circulated weekly by the Northern Territory News. (This is my volunteering bit as i do not get paid for writing this column – but it is good to keep abreast of trends and to share.)

I have written for the Australian Council of Education Leaders online publications

These communicating devices have enabled me to receive and to share, continuing a contribution to the thinking of others and in turn, learning a lot from them.

I do not have a Facebook account and am not a twitterer. What I do, suits me fine. I am a member of a a worldwide fraternity conversing on innumerate issues.

What a great thing.

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