There are moves afoot for the age of criminal responsibility to be raised to 14 years in the NT.

“All States and self-governing Territories of Australia have adopted 10 years of age as a uniform age of criminal responsibility.

Doli incapax refers to a presumption that a child is “incapable of crime” under legislation or common law. Or rather, the presumption that a child cannot form mens rea as they do not yet have a sufficient understanding between “right and wrong”. In the context of Australian law, doli incapax acts as a rebuttable presumption for children aged at least 10 but less than 14.” (Wikipedia)

Some say 14 is too young. It should be 16.

All this is utter rot and twaddle. It needs to be left right where it is because children of 10 and older know exactly what they are doing when they commit criminal acts. If there are those who believe this nonsense, they also believe that schools should not have rules about behaviour and discipline policies supporting the efforts educators make to help children grow into decent citizens. They would also abhor and ridicule the efforts of parents to raise their children in the right ways of life.

Sadly, many young people growing up on the wrong side of the law, have uncaring parents.  Too many children are left to their own devices because of parental apathy.

That is a point of absolute fact.

The sins of children should be visited upon them.  And in many instances those sins should be visited upon parents who have not been responsible or accountable for the upbringing of their children.


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