At the risk of sounding hard hearted or callous, I am at a loss to understand why people are becoming so passionate about pill testing at musical events and other mass gatherings of people. Testing does not legitimise the fact that what people are doing is illegal.

What happens to the tested pills? Are they given back to the ‘owners’ to be taken with a glass of water? Does not the act of testing, make the tester a party to illegal behaviour in an aiding and abetting context?

Whether they are ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ the possessors will in all likelihood swallow them anyway.

People have a choice and if they choose after all the warnings and advice to swallow these things, then their destiny in in their hands. I do not feel empathy toward those who play Russian roulette with their bodies and minds.

The irony is, that those who reduce themselves deliberately undermining their physical and mental capacities by swallowing these noxious substances, can then line up for inclusion in the NDIS, paid for in large part by our taxation.

We need to go after the purveyors of these substances and if ringleaders of supply groups are caught, capital punishment should be an option of judicial consequence. However, the onus for their behaviour is on pill swallowers. Society as a whole is not to blame for the consequences of their actions.


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