I have NEVER been MORE turned off on the idea of Australia becoming a republic than right now. Republic translates as meaning ‘the power of one’. America is a republic. Four times, American presidents have invoked partial shut-downs of federal business in the USA in order to get their own way. The latest shut-down, thanks to President Trump, is the longest in USA history. At least 800,000 Americans are at work on the congress ‘promise’ of back pay when the close out is lifted. Growing numbers of services are impacted and hundreds of tourist attractions are closed. All because a rigidly minded and inflexible president can force the collective hand of government and the people for the sake of splurging huge dollars on a separation wall that won’t work in a fit.

Why doesn’t the man, with his alleged vast fortune, commit some personal money to a useless artefact? Does he want the Trump Wall to stand into our historical future as does the Great Wall of China? Does he want the wall to remind astronauts and future space travellers of him and his greatness?

Republican leaders can dislocate services, build personal desperation in masses of people and disrupt countries for the sake of satisfying personal whims.

Republic for Australia?


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