The need to study language offered for public consumption causes me to moderate the feelings in my heart and head for the purpose of this comment. Suffice it to say I am aghast, reviled and revolted by the matter of Israeli student Ali Maasarwe’s horrific assault, torture and death in Melbourne. The vile wickedness and sin of the (alleged) perpetrator both curdles and chills the blood. If convicted, this person should not be permitted to live out years and decades in jail, all at huge taxpayer’s expense. Those convicted of such heinous crimes and unsurpassed evil intent should be terminated. Death by the state should be their measure.

One of the downsides, indeed one of the evils of modern social thinking is to look for every cause and reason as to why perpetrators of such crimes should be afforded mitigating circumstances. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR SUCH EVIL AND JUSTICE SHOULD NOT BE TEMPERED BY SOME MISPLACED NOTION OF FORGIVENESS. Neither should any expression of contriteness or regret for their actions on the part of such perpetrators be accepted for anything other than what it is – a hope that crocodile tears will work on gullible empathisers.

It’s time the issue of such wanton, wicked behaviour to invoke the death penalty.

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