How telephone communications have changed.

The way in which communications have changed over the course of the last half century is breathtakingly astounding. Children born into the 21st-century will not for one moment understand communications methodologies that existed for their grandparents and even their parents.

When I was a child in the 1950s and growing up through the 1960s, then on into the 70s, the most forward and advanced communications tool was the landline telephone. All telephones work cable (line) connected to telephone exchanges which were manually operated. Manual connection was necessary in order to reach your target. Local telephone calls (those within the same exchange Directory) attracted charges That were quite “moderate” with costs of more distant connections.

Connections over distance were trunk calls. The further the caller was in distance from the call Lee, the greater the cost of the conversation. Trunkline calls were charged for a three minute intervals. Open that took a long time to be connected because the calls had to be relayed through a number of exchanges to reach their destination.

How much easier it is these days with mobile phones instant messaging and everything else that goes with connecting with people anywhere around the world have any time at all and for a very very very minimal price.

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