Bill Shorten, when interviewed during a former forum for Perth Businessman today, suggested that he wants to find a place for Julie Bishop, John Howard and other politicians who have now retired from the political life. He believes they are person super make a strong and valued contribution to the continuation and the betterment of Australia.

Me Shorten will I believe become our prime minister on May 18. If he carries through on this suggestion then he will in my opinion be a wise prime minister.

This is the situation that could well be applied to retired persons on many organisational fronts. On retirement, those with experience are generally tossed aside and no regard is paid to what they might offer by way of advice or suggestion.

This leads to people starting all over in many organisations. The desire to “go with the loan“ and from the fair point of litres “finding my own way“ means that far too many key institutions are stuck on Genesis 1:1. They are always “in the beginning”. Meaningful evolution and sound progress are are best, proceeding at snail’s pace.

Discounting and discarding what has gone before in terms of acquired organisational knowledge is not wise. It leads to organisations going around and around and around in circles

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