As an ageing citizen, I confess to having been very concerned before the election the Labour was bent on upholding the Grasshopper Brigade. It seems that redistribution based on taking from the “haves” to the “have nots” was a policy ambition being carried to the extreme. And the future under Labour seemed to be one of gloominess.

The way things were being set up under a Labour Government would make life going forward far more challenging than it should be.

Throughout my working life, I frequently went without in terms of looking toward a secure family future. It seemed to me that it was necessary to look at personally providing, rather than relying on institutional support.

What a Labour Government was planning in terms of franking, taxation penalties, and other measures for the sake of redistribution seemed to be grossly unfair.

Whether deliberately or by accident, it seemed that the franking credit issue was oner not understood by Labor promoters of proposed changes. This obfuscation was quite infuriating and obviously fuelled reactions by come voters. Mr Bowen’s “if you don’t like it, don’t vote Labor” was an invitation accepted by many going to the polls.

I have no problem with taxation and other benefits being offered for those who genuinely need support. However, I do have a big problem with being targeted through taxation to support Grasshoppers, that brigade of people who have drunk, smoked, gambled, and socialised away their income – only then to turn around and expect to be supported in later life as a “reward” for their waste.

That is not on!

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