DO AS …..!

The world seems to be full of people who are “do as I say” advisers. They are full of wise thoughts and suggestions, the creators of ideas. They want people to jump to and try them out. If the trials (called pilots) go belly up, there is no skin off their nose.

These people are generally unwilling to try their ideas as guinea pigs. They prefer others to do the trialling. If things don’t work out, they get away with “oops!”. They don’t have to pick up the bits that are scattered around, for the mess is left to the management of the pilot organisation. And it is those who have done the trialling who wear the criticism and brickbats.

If things go right (a rarity), the idea creators are quick to claim the credit and reluctant to share with the organisation involved with the experiment.

Be careful of the “do as I say(ers)”. You can be left up the creek without a paddle.

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