I am 73 years old. Although in reasonable health and keeping fairly active, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the health futures of seniors. Things can go belly up, often at short notice.

Collapse may be about health, financial impairment, and other circumstances.

It seems to me that the saddest affliction that besets seniors is that of losing mental acuity. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are afflictions with progressive permanency that reduces people to almost vegetable status. It usually takes some time to get there but deterioration although gradual is unstoppable.

I’ve been following the Royal Commission on television and reading stories collaborating its findings. I’ve decided the nursing homes and aged care institutions of all dimensions are the worst possible alternative available to those of advancing years.

Seniors in these places seem to be very much unwanted and unloved . They’re often there for the sake of convenience to their families and that is understandable. No one really wants to inflict themselves upon their children who as adults have children and family commitments of their own.

Movement into an aged care facility is often a mutual choice. It is also one sometimes imposed by circumstances beyond the control of one of the parties because the onset of dementia can deny the sufferer a chance to contribute to dialogue around which their future is being shaped.

The footage shown and the stories told to the Aged Care Royal Commission about the quality of the care offered to patients in nursing homes have filled me with absolute horror! I am moved to say that many of those incumbent upon nursing home care are treated as rubbish! There is no empathy, no kindness, no understanding and no “desire“ on the part of staff to be working in these places.

It’s become obvious through reading and hearing of reports that the Royal Commission that many staff in nursing homes are decidedly unsuitable for the jobs are feeling. They are not trained and don’t have a concept of each of the basic most rudimentary care that’s necessary for the well-being of patients. I am using the word “patients” deliberately because it’s more than obvious that those in nursing homes have a little more than inmate status.

I am convinced that euthanasia is a far better option than the nursing home alternative.

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