The behaviour of Messrs Bromley and Morgan who went swimming and relaxing in crocodile infested waters is alarming and for the example set to others, reprehensible. Should they have been taken by crocs, I guess there would have been eulogies aplentiy about the sad demise of these wonderful men.


Will Zwar (NT News 3/1) reminds us that the ratepayers wish for the CoD in 2019 was for concentration on rates (usage) roads and rubbish. It seems that the City Council went for dreams and visions rather than practical focus. And we are stuck with this Mayor and council until August 2021.


The NT Government is stone motherless broke and sinking rapidly into a deepening mire of debt. Debt is at an unsustainable level and the Territory is being led by its government ever deeper into the stickiness of insolvency. We are bankrupt.

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