Attacks upon police, ambos, teachers, nurses and other service providers seems to be an escalating Territory trend. This has to cease and penalties for this abhorrent behaviour need to be realistic. Forgiveness by the courts should not be an option.


All well and good for the NT Government to broker deals enhancing optic connections between us and overseas destinations. How about the black spots and areas within our Territory that have irregular, unreliable or no coverage at all. Fix the home front first and then go for the bigger picture stuff.


The lead up to the Johnson bi-election will be an exciting and stimulating period for political watchers. The future of NT Government in the NT post the August election could well be forecast by the outcome of this February 29 tester.


Group bookings for e-scooters in Darwin’s CBD is a timely innovation. Tourist groups coming off cruise ships may find scooter travel provides them the opportunity to visit around and appreciate the attractions of our city like never before. Scooters are a definite winner.


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