Upcoming Bi-elections in NT

May all those standing for election in Johnson and Lyons be exhilarated by the experience of putting up their hands and volunteering their lives in the service of community and the people therein. May all those standing for election as aldermen in the Lyons Ward be similarly engaged by their desire to serve ratepayers and contribute to the making of wise local government decisions. Truly, this upcoming ‘leap year day’ will be one that is highlighting for the progress and future of our Territory.

Mortgages for 90 year olds

A story in the Sunday Territorian touched on mortgages held by very old people. Australians are binging on mortgage debt because of low interest rates suggests the story. This brought to mind a situation that has existed in Japan for years. Mortgages taken out by people remain as household debt until paid out by grandchildren. Seems as if Australia is heading in the same direction.


I wish the government would resolve that CEO positions presently vacant would be filled by people already within the territory. Far too many people are appointed from interstate to high-level positions, which denies territory grown talent.

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