COVID-19 has united our leaders of all political persuasions. Their combined talents and capacity to unite in countering this virus, is drawing appreciation from many Australians. It would be wonderful if this newfound quality of working together could continue post the coronavirus rather than the country slipping back into party political bickering and one upmanship.


It doesn’t take “Smart City Data” to confirm fewer people going into the city. If it wasn’t for work, why would anyone want to visit the CBD. Slim Dusty once described Darwin as “the big of the north”. These days sadly, it is more like the north’s dead heart for its vibrancy is well and truly lost.


It is ironic that the most recent newsworthy story national media can conjure about the NT, have to do with kegs of rolling north and pubs reopening. There is much less on interstate media about the NT leading the way in managing the whole COVID-19 issue.


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