I lack confidence in Territorians and people throughout the rest of Australia to self manage responsibly as coronavirus restrictions are relaxed and people are put on trust. My worry is that as things open up, the virus will impact big time in all states and territories. This is causing real anxiety. The irresponsibility and selfishness of some people is mind boggling.


I think it is time to worry that as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, that less and less attention will be paid to physical distancing. That could mark the beginning of a coronavirus outbreak in the NT. It may also result in COVID-19 spikes elsewhere in Australia.


So alcohol consumption in some quarters has reduced and imbibing venues have been closed. And would you believe, there has been a reduction in alcohol fuelled incidents against people and property. Even Blind Freddie knows that if alcohol intake is cut, then serious behavioural outcomes, fighting and crime will be significantly reduced. Excessive use of alcohol stimulates negative, hurtful and damaging social consequences.


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