The proposal to fast track a new itinerant camp in Darwin “… in anticipation of a flood of remote Territorians returning to town once … travel restrictions are lifted” (Sunday Territorian 17/5) fills me with dread. For the most part, this ‘return’ will be to allow access to alcohol. We will be back to the social issues and disturbances created by itinerants before they were returned, at government expense, to their community homes pre the COVID-19 restrictions. Not a nice thought.


So alcohol consumption in some quarters has reduced and imbibing venues have been closed. And would you believe, there has been a reduction in alcohol fuelled incidents against people and property. Even Blind Freddie knows that if alcohol intake is cut, then serious behavioural outcomes, fighting and crime will be significantly reduced. Excessive use of alcohol stimulates negative, hurtful and damaging social consequences


Senator McMahon has absolutely no right to upbraid the Chief Minister over his handling of biosecurity restrictions. What he is doing is for the good of all Territorians and the lifting of restrictions will all be in good time. The Senator’s imposition is well out of line.

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