I wish the NT News would desist from publishing photos of celebrating groups where those photographed are ignoring social distancing requirements. The photos may be of happy people but an altogether wrong message about physical separation is being sent.

Vanderlin Drive between Hibiscus Shoppingtown and Leanyer Recreational Lake is a repeat major accident waiting to happen. There have already been bad accidents on this stretch of road. The speed limit for most of this stretch is 80kph. It needs to be reduced to 60 in part to take account of traffic entering and leaving at Leanyer Drive and Patterson Street.

I wonder whether people will change their attitude to saving money for emergency needs when COVID-19 finally gives way to somewhat more normal living. A realisation forced by the virus is that far too few people have savings they can use to help jn times of hardship. Government bailouts have in large part been required because of the Australian population’s penury.

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