COVID-19 is not being taken seriously


COVID-19 is not being taken seriously.

The trouble with Victoria and New South Wales is that they are “following” the virus which is setting the agenda and authorities are then reacting, following in its wake. They should be anticipating the virus and introducing measures to counter its spread before a particular stage of infection is reached. Too much is being left to chance and good luck! And there is no good luck – it is all bad!!

Had they done this, facemasks would have been in a long time ago. Opening up hotels and clubs, gymnasiums and other places of entertainment so liberally would not have happened. It is in these places the COVID-19 festers. That is aggravated by people not exercising social distancing; they seem to find it hard to keep physically apart when drinking alcohol.

The other thing that goes hand in glove with this is the fact that people breaching quarantine are dealt with far too leniently. Fines that are being imposed will never be paid by the great majority. These people should now be locked up in detention centres, possibly those that were used when we had influxes of illegal immigrants coming from all over the world. Don’t worry too much about creature comforts; put them in a room with the very basics of life. Keep the doors locked deliver the most basic of meals and charge these people for their reprehensible conduct.

Another thing that sticks out like the nose on your face is the fact that 90% of people haven’t got a clue about what social distancing means and certainly don’t practice it when they’re out and about. Supermarkets have largely given up on trolley cleansing practices and the maximum number of people in shops at any one time is just a joke.

There’s too much that’s wrong with the processes that are in place when it comes to practical enforcement. It’s all about talk and not much action.

COVID-19 has revealed a distinct weakness in democracy. It is the rights of the individual and the arrant selfishness and lack of considerations for others is paramount and authorities can do little to meaningfully address the situation because individual rights have to be preserved at all costs.

A lot more of what is “advised”, needs to be “mandated”. Option response should not be part of the compliance equation.

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