The two women who brought COVID-19 into Queensland should be named and have their photographs along with names published in online news outlets and print newspaper.

Their deliberate acts of avoidance and action could wreak havoc in the state. Who knows how many people they will be directly and indirectly responsible for infecting.

How much disruption to schools and businesses are they going to cause. How much are their deliberately selfish and wanton actions going to cost the Queensland government and related organisations.

How many people who were on their planes are likely to become infected. And how much will the damage of their eight days of abandoned behaviour finish up costing.

Could it be that those who they directly or indirectly infect, will finish up in hosiptal, ICU, or even dying. If serious ill-health or death is occasioned in others by their actions, they should be durther charged with grevious bodily harm, manslaughter or even murder.

There was no excuse for what they did and there should be no forgiveness.

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