So government generated invoices for hotel quarantine reimbursement are largely going unpaid! Is that REALLY a surprise. The other notices that will not be paid those detailing fines due from people who have breached quarantine restrictions and border protocols. In real terms, financial punishments for irresponsible behaviours that endanger the lives of others are little more than a joke.

Hats off to the Traditional owners for blockading the entrance to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and protecting it and nearby indigenous people from bring entered by a plane load of ex-Brisbane tourists. I believe the attempt by Jetstar and Parks Australia to allow people from a hotspot location into the park was very underhand. And well done to our police for their part on quarantine insistence for 3 passengers. The rest should be be bundled back into the plane and returned to sender.


Interviewed on radio (4/8) about the lack of physical distancing among patrons at the Fannie Bay Racecourse Picnic Day meeting on August 3, our Chief Minister replied that a COVID-19 safety plan had to be submitted and approved before any gathering of more than 500 people. This had been done. As part of this approval it seems the 1.5 metre separation rule is waived for large crowds. And I wonder why many people are apprehensive about not ‘if’ but ‘when’ the virus embeds within our Territory.

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