Thank you to Mix 104.9 for organising the major political party leader’s debate on August 10. The second debate organised by the ABC on August 17 also provided a ‘not to be missed’ listening experience. People in key political positions reveal a lot about themselves and their party aspirations during these exchanges. They largely re-proffer promises made in the past that have never been realised. One thing I do know is that promises of openness and transparency (that will prevail if parties are elected to government) tend to collapse post election. On, on to August 22.


The Rural Doctors Association wants strict visitor bans reintroduced to protect remote communities from the possibility of COVID-19 inroads. Strict quarantining of communities is absolutely necessary.

If this wicked virus was to infiltrate our indigenous population, could well be catastrophic outcomes and decimation of many who are aged, infirm and living in overcrowded housing.

REINT CEO Graham Killian is rejoicing in the lift of house sales, particularly in Darwin’s northern suburbs. The sales seem to be in the older suburbs. It would be interesting to know the percentage of sales forced by mortgage default. It would also be interesting to know how many sales are being motivated by the fact that these older neighbourhoods have become run down.

There has also been a change in the status of older suburbs because of public housing tenanting policies, which has changed the character of these areas.


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