There is no way four prisoners should have the right to sue for damages because they have been in solitary confinement following their part in detention centre destruction. Damage was reckless, wanton, massive and inflicted without thought or care for the safety and welfare of others. These four owe a huge debt to the NT Government and Territory taxpayers, to inmates and staff for their actions. There should be NO CASE whatsoever, for them to be entitled to any consideration.

With the upcoming AFL(NT) football season around the corner, a feeling of aura and excitement is beginning to take hold of the sporting public. The level and degree of careful planning and preparation that has gone into readying us for the 2020/21 stanza about to unfold, promises to make this the best season of the present century. Along with thousands of others, I just can’t wait.


There have been efforts in the past to turn the NT into a tourist mecca during the wet season, but success in selling the message to visit during this season has been limited. That in large part has been due to Territorians heading south or going overseas during Christmas and the New Year period. With virus induced circumstances contriving to keep us territory bound, end-of-year tourism could really take off.

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