It is interesting to read of further changes to staffing on the 5th floor of NT’s Parliament House. Whether these ongoing changes make a difference to governmental effectiveness and efficiency, only time will tell. If fanciful titles and long winded job descriptions are indicators of a positive approach to role set, we should be in for the most productive period of governance since Marshall Perron was our Chief Minister.


For $32.7 million worth of construction contracts tendered in August to ALL be awarded to local businesses is a shot in the arm for NT companies. $55.4 million worth of contracts put out to tender in September (NT News 12/12) could further boost local providers. It is good to read of Territory enhancing contracts being awarded to local companies,rather than to interstate competitors who take profits out of the NT and spend that money elsewhere.


Ongoing news stories indicate that saltwater crocodiles are, quite surreptitiously, engaging ever more closely with Darwinians, Palmerstonians and those in our urbanising rural area. They are increasingly being located in rivers, creeks, waterways, swampy bushland , drains, lagoons, ponds, and are encroaching ever more closely upon our beaches. We need to be aware of their threat to civilian life.

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