To be beholden to any country of the world is not a good thing. We subjugate our Australianism if beholden to others.

That is becoming the case in terms of export trade.

Mr Morrison’s major function should be leading the charge to diversify export markets away from China into opther export directions. China, both officially and through other channels, is putting the squeeze onto Australian exporters. This is to have an effect of silencing political opinion that runs counter to what is comfortable for China. The process is one that aims in my option, to result in Australian acquiescence on points of difference.

It is not good that so much of Australia’s exports head for the Chinese market and in a percentage (volume) that makes us beholden. We need to diversify export markets by heading our products for sale in other directions.

As an example, 93% of our rock lobster exports used to go to Vietnam. Revitalisation of this market and other outlets is entirely possible. The same must be the way things happen for coal, wine, wheat and other commodities. And in an ideal world, it might be that Australian is able to take the initiative in curbing exports to and imports from China.

We are Australian with an entitlement to express our opinions on world issues. We must not be the whipping boy of any other country or ideology in the world.

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