The NT News editorial (8/12) justifiably questions the government’s commitment to openness and transparency. Prior to the 2016 election the then Gunner lead opposition made a big play on how, if elected,

Territorians would be kept fully in the loop on all key issues of governance. How the worm turns; remember what happened to Ken Vowels when as a minister he levelled with voters. Sadly, this government is as oblique in relating to us as was the Giles Government it ousted.


Allowing young people the right to breach bail conditions time after time after time almost ad infinitum makes an absolute joke of the NT law enforcement and judicial system as it applies to youth justice.

Small wonder that miscreant youth are ever bolder in terms of breaking the law. Wicking sums it excellently in his cartoon, which demonstrates that those who offend are figuratively waved back into the community to continue offending without meaningful consequences. And we are supposed to accept that the law is not as ass.


WHEW! We came within a whisker of COVID-19 escaping from Howard Springs and into the community through the agency of two children who, thanks to the super survelliance of Len Notaris’ team were found to be positive within a day of being released from quarantine.

To contact the virus so close to the end of their quarantine period, they must have contracted the virus from someone in isolation at Howard Springs. How long will it be until the virus escapes into our community?

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