The migration north because of covid is playing hell with the real estate business in the NT. Long term (local) tenants are under duress because of landlords wanting to sell rented properties. The Darwin/Palmerston property market is abuzz.

There was a major story in the ‘NT News’ on this issue today. It pointed out just how vulnerable and insecure long term territory renters and lessees are feeling at the moment. The same stories have been featured on ABC television.

I am feeling sorry for local tenants and lessees who are under strain about their residential futures.

The Housing Minister for the NT Government, Kate Worden, needs to get across this issue. Otherwise, people are going to be left homeless.

The things is, that there is a fair chance that many flocking north because of the relative covid security of the Territory, will turn tail and head back south as soon as the threat of the virus is significantly reduced. It’s then that karama may pay a visit to landlords looking for quick margin mark-ups at the moment.

While welcoming long term visitors and territory newbe’s, we need to take care of those who have been members of the NT community for more than five minutes.

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