I beseech the Chief Minister of the NT, Michael Gunner to be more forthright and up front in speaking out on issues concerning the NT.

To require Natasha Fyles to be the frontrunner when it comes to publicly confronting issues is altogether wrong. I get it that the Labor Caucus is about shared leadership, but the CM cannot be the most silent member of the leadership cohort. At the moment his silence is deafening and that has been the case for far too long.


Information about the rollout of Covid-19 vaccination in Australia, its states and territories is quite confusing.

Suggested timelines for vaccination seem to cross over each other. What would help would be a published table that clarified vaccination type, and dates for access by age and occupation. I would also hope that as autumn, winter and the cooler months approach, the annual influenza vaccination program is not pushed into the background. We need both programs.


Some of the behaviour within the Karama Shopping Centre is very off-putting and particularly in the late afternoon, evening and night.

Skylarking, larrikanism and dysfunctional behaviour stimulated by alcohol will encourage many shoppers, who often have to endure the begging gauntlet to go elsewhere, impacting businesses trading during these hours. Fix up attempts to date have failed to change the situation.


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