I am very much alarmed and deeply disturbed by the news that the NT Government is going to take over the management of all international arrivals going into quarantine from the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre.

My fears are magnified by the fact that the international intake will increase by 1,200 (to 2,000) each fortnight and that 400 staff have to be recruited (and obviously trained) to manage a cohort which will invariably bring the more virulent and aggressive strains of Covid into the NT. I believe this change will hugely escalate the risk of this virus escaping into the community.


The NT Government and our citizens should not accept PM Morrison’s personal position on euthanasia and meekly roll over in defeatist supplication to his views on the issue.

His denial of our entitlements as citizens simply because we are Territorians is archaic, also tantamount to big brother bullying behaviour. This campaign MUST gain momentum and be pursued; we must not wimp out and weakly accept a denial of our rights.


All power to the NT News for its portrayal of the Territory’s 100 most powerful women.

In essence, women rule the world and are coming to that realisation. Their awakening may have been slow but is now upon us.

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