Beware!! If you live at towns, locations and places off the Stuart Highway in the NT, southern suppliers of goods may require the goods to go to a Darwin or major town address, because they do not believe you live where you live.

Goods then have to be readdressed and forwarded by a relation or friend at a doubling of freight costs. This is happening far too often.


The PM should sack all those parliamentary staffers who prove to be disloyal through promoting scandal and gossip. Breaches should be punished by instant dismissal and the cancellation of accrued work benefits.


The youth who are now taking the NT apart and running out of control in cities, towns and communities, are the children of parents who were running loose and destroying the place one or two decades ago.

What hope have today’s wild youngsters got at redemption, when all they are doing is modelling the way their parents behaved during their formative years.


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