Went into a major shoe store in Casuarina. Shoes I wanted had to be ordered. The assistant told me to order them from the store online to expedite delivery. We (the store) could order but delivery would take weeks I was told. So much for sales enthusiasm.


Several years ago I was told by a policeman that I would be surprised and concerned if I knew how many sex offenders were living within the Darwin community. That news worried me at the time and still does. Such revelations are discomforting and alarming.


Tasmania on March 23, passed euthanasia laws into existence, becoming the third state to approve right to die legislation. Other states are moving in this direction. Now is not the time for the NT to turn its back on the issue, recently revitalised by the NT News. We have to keep pushing on this issue until the Federal Government relinquishes its unnatural control on the rights of our territory to make its own laws on key issues.


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