Youthful criminals should NOT be allowed anonymity. Those found guilty of heinous crimes against people and property should be named and shamed.

Our cavalier attitude toward the threat of the coronavirus, reminds one of Ecclesiastes 2:17: “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow (we) die.”


During televised press conferences focussed on Covid-19, it seems that journalists are trying to outdo each other in asking inane, irrelevant questions.

-Kakadu needs fixing and quickly. Closing locations to visitors one after the other will hasten park decline. Kakadu’s appeal is declining at a rate of knots.


Quedos to A-G Selina Uibo for her response to Greens senator Linda Thorpe’s ignorant thrust and misrepresentations. As Ms Uibo says, fleeting visits by southern experts who follow up with press releases are unhelpful distortions.


NT job ads might be up, but in part because locals are reluctant to take on menial work. “What, and dirty my hands” is a prevailing attitude. Benefits preferred.


It’s usually 3 strikes and you’re out. But Willie Rioli’s AFL football career may be saved by West Coast’s understanding. Here’s hoping.

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