Sent an express parcel (cost $210) from Karama PO to Nhulunbuy PO via Winnellie. Daily planes fly Darwin to Gove. This urgent parcel (Aust Post app. confirmed) sat at Winnellie for a week and did not move until I rang Aust Post complaints. After that it was delivered in a day. Took same amount of delivery time as barged freight.

Munitions factories and building construction industries will be delighted at the prospect of never-ending business generated by the Middle East conflict.


30% of Australia’s adult population are not going to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and others are prevaricating. Not a good look for our future cohabitation with this deadly virus.

Green ants and bees have disappeared from our suburbs. Aphis and other sap sucking insects have taken over. Where have vermin controlling and pollinating insects gone?

Many homeowners will rejoice at the news of C of D Council proposed 2.5% rates rise. While rates are up, unimproved capital value of land, (especially in suburbs where integrated housing is all the go) has gone south and by up to 20%. So the rates impact will be negligible.

The NT is not short on hundreds of people occupying high level, important sounding and excellently salaried positions. Their main job seems to be supervising the many others who do most of the work for far, far less recompense.

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