Karama and Malak are now classified as suburbs of major social unrest and insecurity. Crime aboundsv. Up to the 1990’s they were peaceful, tranquil suburbs. Thanks to housing and lifestyle

policies, they have become ghettos.


30% of Australia’s adult population are not going to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and others are prevaricating. Not a good look for our future cohabitation with this deadly virus.


The City of Darwin Council looks set to increase its sister city cohort from 6 to 8 (NT News 23/5). Nothing like growing the family, with new members in time, likely to be on the visiting list for the mayor and some aldermen.


It won’t be any time at all before calls are made on Neuron’s third party insurance for e-Scooter and e-BIke accidents. Then Neuron’s premium will go through the roof.

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