Points to Ponder


The scatter of miners who were possibly infected with Covid from the Granites Mine to destinations all over Australia and to New Zealand, is reminiscent of the scatter of passengers from the ‘Diamond Princess’ from Sydney Harbour to all quarters of Australia and overseas in 2020. We are not smart when it comes to learning from previous mistakes.

People of all ages can now get the AstraZeneca vaccine. Our health authorities and political leaders have been on, off and on again with vaccine strategies. Our country would have to be close to the worst in the world when it comes to managing the vaccination program.


There are still far too many NT businesses that do not display the NT QR code. Along with that, the huge majority of people treat the code as optional and not obligatory. With Covid in our midst, these lackadaisical attitudes are going to add many unnecessary hours to the work of contact tracers.


It seems that if pubs, clubs and other drinking venues were closed, the number of virus exposure sites in the NT and around Australia would reduce by well over 60 to 70 percent.


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