It was very decent andf unselfish of NSW to step back and allow Queensland the luxury of a close win in the third State of Origin game. With the trophy won, the Blues did the right thing in retiring a little in order that the Maroons could salvage some pride. Theirs was a compassionate attitude toward a game that could never dampen their prowess and superiority.

Sometimes there is too much probing, prodding and pushing into the world of the unknown when it comes to scientific curiosity about viruses. There is every chance that Covid 19 came from this exploration, with a monstrous and evil virus being unleashed on the world. Sadly with coronavirus, curiosity has killed more than the cat.


I am disappointed in those construction and furbishment companies that are so enthused about big money associated with new work, they forget about or are not interested in maintenance of earlier work or installations. It is particularly galling when maintenance needs of long term, loyal customers are dismissed.

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