The 120 Most Powerful list for 2021 has been brilliantly revealing of our most proactive citizens and territory supporters who do so much to uplift and enrich the NT. This list has been going since at least 2008, so it qualifies as an annual territory institution. I expect there will be a big sales lift in the day the list is published as a lift out. It is an invaluable keepsake and one that will be treasured by the thousands who follow the most powerful program.

Those in quarantine at Howard Springs out seems, face little deterrence to walking out if and when they feel like a wander. It is almost as if a pass out system exists. Those escaping know they are doing wrong and their exploits should not be talked down and forgiven without consequence.


NSW records 11,201 new cases of Covid in a day! What an awful debacle and what a sad, foolish, doggedly denying premier who insists the issue is ‘minor’ and the state is ‘liberated’. He is taking NSW to Covid hell in a handcart.

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