I am a very confused old man. I cannot understand why all governments, Federal, territory and state (with the exception of WA) went from careful, controlled Covid management to turning two thirds of Australia into a virus free-for-all! Neither can I understand why the 40 to 50 plus daily deaths from Covid are apparently being dismissed as collateral damage.

With Covid unleashing variant after variant into the world, ongoing disruptions to education, health, business, industry and general trade look set to continue into perpetuity. Somehow people are will need a to permanently adjust, in order to share the world with this dominant viral player.

I often wish we lived in the more simple, straightforward and ‘common sense’ compliant world that existed in my growing up days of the 1950’s and 60’s. During those years (and later) vaccination programs and other health measures necessary for common good. There was no unnecessary fuss perpetrated by ‘anti’ persons wanting to big note themselves. These Covid times cause me to yearn for the attitudes people had in these

past times.

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