Thank you NT News for the brilliance of the ‘120 Most Powerful’ list online and in print for the year just ended. This brilliant and hopefully everlasting initiative is a wonderful recognition of those who do the most for us through the roles they occupy.


It looks as if the ‘last hurrah’ period in federal politics has arrived for Senator McMahon. It is a great shame that recent circumstances look likely to derail her most significant contribution – a bill seeking to reinstate the right of territories to legislate on the issue of euthanasia. Had this issue gained traction, her contribution on behalf of the NT would have been positive and everlasting.


Speech and speaking clubs like Toastmasters are offered a new challenge; developing within members and through community workshops, the ability to speak clearly, expressively and audibly while wearing masks. With this facial coverage becoming an ongoing and prescribed need, such training is becoming essential.


Relief seems to be seeping into the community because of discernment that Omicron is peaking and infections will decline. Maybe, but behind this virus will come another and another. Mask wearing may become a permanent community feature.

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