I remember clearly the Royal Commission into Aged Care. The Commission confirmed the huge deficits in support for seniors in residential homes, with glaring deficiencies being Australia wide. It is only 12 months since the commission made public its findings and recommendations for improvement. Now we have Covid; the plight of those in aged care homes, both residents and staff, is far worse than before the commission handed down its findings.


Why do key politicans doing media interviews have to be flanked, usually by a backbencher or two, who look totally bored while nodding their heads, up and down, like puppets?

It is preposterous that executive staff attached to Australia Post should be awarded (or award themselves) huge bonus payments (on top of extravagant salaries) for ‘oversight’ of the agency. The real workers, those responsible for the day by day running of AP, excepting for a very few, were snubbed. Typical. Those who ‘talk’ are deemed superior to those who ‘work’

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