Assembly speaker Ngaree Ah Kit

MUST rescind her decision not to allow journalists to attend Assembly sittings as members of the press gallery. To disallow reporting of procedures would be totally unconscionable. We deserve to know what is going on and how our elected members are transacting business.


Our female cricket commentators are far more mature and focussed on games they are watching than their male counterparts. Viewers learn about the game and players. Male commentators are into jokes, the recall of silly historical moments and talking about themselves.


Those managing affairs for the Larrakeyah Nation deserve commendation. The organisation’s staff are striving valiantly to look after the welfare of a huge visitor influx into Darwin from outlying communities. The sheer magnitude of the task is extending patrolling requirements and adding to the long hours of staff. Those who are filling patrol rosters deserve commendation for their empathy and the support they are offering to those in need.

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