It is reassuring to know (from reading the paper) that the CLP’s spurning of Senator McMahon will not leave her in an insecure (property) position as she contemplates her future beyond the federal election. We ought also remember and appreciate the fact that she was prepared to put her life on hold and stand for the senate, when other CLP persons were reluctant to step forward and nominate to replace the retiring Senator Scullion.


It would be wonderful if Labor could win the election and enable Penny Wong to become the Prime Minister. She ALWAYS focuses on issues rather than personalities. She has a level of maturity and realistic approach to dealing with matters not understood or practised by other parliamentarians –

on both sides of the political divide.


Your Sunday Territorian columnist Joe Hildebrand confirms how hard it is for people to separate fact from myth when presented with Covid data. Separating truth from what in many instances are outright lies, adds to the degree of interpreting difficulty.

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