I am not sure who is the biggest advertiser; Clive Palmer or Harvey Norman.  Both are key contributors to adding to the pages of newspaper print circulating in Australia.

When you take into account the enduring entitlements of all past G-G’s, state governors, territory administrators, politicans from prime ministers to backbenchers and add ongoing entitlements for retired judges and high level officials, the total cost of these benefits must be close to 10% of Australia’s annual GDP.

Some teachers fail and so do some students. Sometimes student failure has happened because their parents have failed them. Failure is by incident and circumstance and is not exclusionary.

In Australia, we have a glut of unwanted, unloved, recalcitrant and law breaking children, many as young as 9 and 10 years of age. The situation is so bad – and getting worse, especially in the Northern Territory.

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